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At our agency, we pride ourselves on creating easy-to-use, powerful, and flexible app templates. One of our most successful creations is Casper, a highly-rated and frequently downloaded template that's equipped with an impressive suite of features. With over 100 installs and a 5-star rating in the marketplace, Casper stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, efficiency, and functionality.

Intuitive Front-end Prompt Builder

Creating new prompts is as straightforward as clicking a button with Casper. The built-in front-end prompt builder, offering simplicity and efficiency, allows users to initiate a new prompt template or modify existing ones seamlessly.

Robust Xano Integration

Casper is the only AI SaaS template on that offers Xano integration to handle GPT-4 prompts exceeding Bubble's 60-second API response limit. With detailed implementation documentation provided, users can easily set up a free Xano account and avoid the potential errors of slow API responses.

Unparalleled Document Editor

Our choice of Tiptap.js to power Casper's document editor wasn't accidental. After rigorous testing of all available Bubble plugins for rich text editing, Tiptap.js stood head and shoulders above the rest in flexibility and capability. In addition, Casper's document editor is responsive, unlike other templates in the market.

Quick-to-Setup Stripe Integration

With the aim of speeding up your platform's monetization, we've integrated Stripe into Casper. Our thorough documentation video will help you be up and running with this feature in less than 10 minutes, enabling faster selling of access to your platform.

Unique Bonus Credits Logic

Casper goes beyond competing templates by including a unique bonus credits feature. These can be used for running promotions, rewarding users for referrals, and more. Our logic ensures that monthly "plan credits" are consumed first, and bonus credits are used afterwards, giving your platform an edge in user engagement and retention.

Easily Customizable UI

Rebranding your platform shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why Casper employs Bubble style variables, ensuring your brand's unique visual identity can be easily applied to the template.