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Learn how we revolutionized the operational structure of an entertainment rental company through automation and well-designed funnels.

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Pop Up Photo Booth


Website Development, PPC Marketing, Process Automation

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When we were first introduced to Pop Up, we worked with them to break down what their customer journey looked like. It turned out that, while the customer journey was not that complicated, the internal processes for moving a lead through the deal cycle was fairly involved on their part. In addition, their old website's content was made up of many images with text, instead of placing the text on the page. This was bad for SEO as search engine crawlers cannot read text off of images.

We eventually came to the conclusion that the best approach for rebuilding their website would be to funnel traffic into a "service package builder." This would allow users to book, schedule, and view accurate availability for photo booths without requiring a single human interaction on Pop Up's side. We also performed a soft rebrand to help make the overall brand image a bit more appealing and aligned to their industry.


Pop Up Photo Booth's team provided us an in depth pricing sheet at the start of the project, which we used to create the package builder. This builder turned out to be quite substantial as there were so many conditional package options, conditional pricing options, and add-ons that needed to be considered. Due to the different steps and potential funnel friction involved, it was critical that cart abandonment and CRM tagging was integrated into these forms.

We also wanted to streamline their ability to manage leads within the back-end of their website. Our solution was to build a customized CRM into the site so they could view all attributes of a lead. These include where a lead abandoned the form, the data they had entered before bouncing, or details regarding a complete reservation. The Pop Up team has the ability to add notes or manually move a lead through the deal cycle if reservations are made over the phone.

The overall funnel design was an important part of this build as well, since we wanted to make the package builder very accessible to reduce Pop Up's internal workload. We also wanted to make the rather long process seem appealing to leads.

This was solved by creating two different versions of the builder:

1. The primary funnel begins with what is shown as a 4 step form, where the lead only enters their contact information, booth choice, rental duration, and event type. We called this the "instant quote builder." Once complete, the user is redirected to a page that provides rental pricing, and also sends them a quote via email. If they leave this page without continuing, a 7-day email automation is triggered to re-capture them. If they continue, they are able to complete their reservation completely online.

2. We also created a separate landing page that doesn't split up the builder. This can be user for in-person events such as trade conferences. We made it available on the website for users as an additional funnel entrance point as well in order to test the overall conversion rate of someone starting from the instant quote builder versus the all-in-one builder.

Final Results:

When we first showed the Pop Up Photo Booth team early versions of the funnel builder, they couldn't overstate how much this would change their business. By automating the entire intake of customers from initial website entry to completing a deposit payment, we were able to relieve a massive amount of workload and pressure off of their internal team. This is allowing them to scale their business substantially, since they can spend more time focusing on business development initiatives instead of walking customers through the different packages they have.

We launched their new website in late March 2022. They received their first web lead in several months only a few days after, which is undoubtedly an indicator of what the future holds.

At the time of publishing this case study on April 12th, 2022, we are working with our Paid Search partner, Logical Position, to strategize and build an effective lead gen Google Ad campaign for Pop Up. Upon launching those campaigns, our paid social team will be rolling a series of campaigns aligned to the paid search campaigns as well.