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Learn how Noblemen helped Legal Case Funding increase their issued funding volume by over 30% in 11 months.

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Project Overview

Legal Case Funding was looking for a fresh and new look for their website. And oh boy...

did they get a whole lot more than that!

Their old website was outdated and difficult to navigate. To make it worse, they used to rank number one for the keyword "Legal Case Funding," their business name, which was also a great keyword as it was adjacent to their industry. However, as a result of a poorly optimized site they fell down the search engine results page. Our goal was to bring a fresh new look to the website,  provide on-site SEO optimization, and help them automate the lead management process.

We spent a lot of hands-on time with them reviewing their processes early into the relationship, which is when we figured out what a treat we were in for.


A critical business issue we identified with Legal Case Funding was that they had no way of pre-qualifying their leads. A contact form with three fields is going to make it impossible to pre-qualify loans, a well structured three-step form would allow them to gather the critical data while still keeping the funnel duration short enough to maintain low abandonment rates.

They also had no way of managing the leads they received. They would receive the form entry by email in the past, but the few times that someone had filled out the form, it would usually get lost or end up in spam.

Want to know what's even worse? Their brokers were meeting clients in-person to sign contracts for every deal they did, driving all over the greater Phoenix area. Sometimes 200+ miles per day.

In 2021.

We took a deep dive into their business processes to determine everything we could to do lighten the back-office load and automate redundant or unnecessary tasks. It really came down to building a streamlined CRM with a simple interface yet complex back-end functionality.

Their email provider was Zoho, and they wanted to keep the CRM buildout in the Zoho ecosystem as they offer many different business-focused solutions. Zoho CRM might seem like the right choice, but it was a bit too complex for the LCF operators. Good news though — Zoho also offers a low-code internal tool builder based on their Deluge scripting language, named Zoho Creator. This would be able to accomplish everything necessary to get Legal Case Funding brought up to speed into the digital age. While it definitely lacks some of the styling benefits of other low-code application builders, it was perfect for the LCF team.

Final Results

By working with key stakeholders at LCF, we were able to determine the factors that make a case relevant to them, as well as the things that instantly disqualify a lead. With this knowledge, we were able to build a straightforward multi-step form that gathers all of the data needed to qualify a lead while also providing a clean and quick user experience.

The CRM we built out for them in Zoho Creator did the heavy lifting when it came to the headaches that come with such a colossal digital transformation. By streamlining the intake process and completely automating the e-signature collection flow, we helped them lower their "time-to-fund" from an average of 2 and a half hours down to 15 minutes or less. With the Zoho creator mobile app, brokers are able to manage the entire deal cycle on the go, too.

In addition, we launched a Google Ads campaign targeting the Southwest USA. As a result, Legal Case Funding has seen a 31% increase in issued pre-settlement loans over the last 12 months. Their business is growing at a rate they never expected after being stagnant for over two years.

Legal Case Funding had an online presence for over two years before working with Noblemen, but at no point did they ever receive a real, qualified lead from their website. Within 3 weeks of launching the new website, they had received several inquiries, with two of them turned into case loans for them. No paid ads, no heavy backlink building, just a fantastic on-page SEO strategy.

One of the best parts is that we've been able to get them back to the top of Google for their business name too.

This updated digital presence has opened some great opportunities for them.

We could do the same for your business, too.